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Pet Portraits, Baby Portraits, Family Portraits, People Portraits  by Jack Hand - a master of hand-crafted portraits. Custom made portraits of People and Pets as low as $75. Makes the perfect gift or a new family heirloom. Great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, father's day, mother's day, graduations, and other special occasions. Gift Certificates of any denomination available - makes the perfect last minute but thoughtful gift

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Cat Portraits, Dog Portraits also available  
Pet Portraits, Baby Portraits, Family Portraits, People Portraits  by Jack Hand

About the Artist
Aside from painting portraits of pets, children, and families on a commission basis, Jack also paints non-commissioned work and occasionally enters such pieces into exhibition. Please read on to discover what else this portrait artist has accomplished...

Wedding Painting

Jack proposes to Sharrie!! On June 13th, Jack proposed to his girlfriend who he knew of 7 years. He painted a painting specifically to pop the question. You can visit their engagment announcement/wedding website for more details.

Cat by Window Award Winning Artist!! Jack enters regional and national competitions a few times a year to ensure his artwork is not only up to the standards with his clients but with fellow professional artists. Sometimes he wins in these competitions as is the case this year with his cat painting titled "Charlie", shown above. It won 1st Place at the 2003 Annual Juried Watercolor Show at the Center for the Arts in Southern New Jersey and recently received honarable mention by the new national virtual gallery, The New American Gallery.

Social IsolationLast year, Jack was accepted into a number of shows, two of which were the two prestigious New Jersey watercolor shows, The New Jersey Watercolor Society's 66th Annual Juried Exhibition, which ran September 22 - November 2, 2002, and The Garden State Watercolor Society's 33rd Annual Juried Exhibition, which ran August 20 - September 27, 2002. He was also accepted into a national art show last year, The Allied Artists of America, which ran from November 9-26th and was held in New York City.

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Bernese Mountain DogJack occasionally donates his services to charitable causes. This year he created a painting and donated the first print of a limited edition series to a cause to help the Bernese Mountain Dog. Additional prints of this painting (and the original) are still available. Take a look at the Products Page for more info.

Click on thumbnails of portraits to view an even larger image than this oneAffordable Portraits from Photos
Have a great photo? Turn it into a great painting!

Photographs just can’t do justice. That’s why portrait artist Jack Hand offers affordable portraits painted just for you from your favorite photo.

As you can see from the portraits on this page, this "Jack of All Trades and a Master of Hand-crafted portraits" excels in painting both people and pets, whether it be cats or dogs. Children or babies. Families, couples or individuals.


Jack resides in the American Northeast in the New York Tri State Area, and accommodates clients from all 50 states and all over the globe. Having a portrait commissioned is the perfect way to forever immortalize your pet (cat or dog), baby, child, family...whomever, whatever.



Flash Developer
Jack is also a full time flash developer for the company, a subsidiary of As a flash lead for the company, Jack creates and manages such promotional online sites like McDonald's Monopoly. You can read more about Jack's flash experience on his Flash designed website.

McDonald's Monopoly 08

Custom Still Life Paintings from the Artist's Creative Mind
If you wish to have a painting done of something (still life, a nude, landscape, cityscape, etc.) of which you may not have a photo, then Jack can still create a painting by using various reference material. In the below bar still life, for example, Jack was able to paint from a still life that he had set up in his studio.

The possibilities are endless. If you have a special request, most likely Jack will be able to paint it.




Why a Painting is the Perfect Gift:

  • Paintings are unique for any occasion:
    wedding, anniversary, father's day, mother's day, graduation, birthday, Christmas, etc.
  • Paintings are personalized for any special someone:
    spouse, family member, friend, boss... even yourself
  • A painting is a sound Investment.
    As the artist gains in popularity, your portrait increases in value. In addition, some portraits, (like those of pets, children, and tasteful nudes), can be resold immediately for up to 3 times the original purchase price
  • A painting captures treasured memories (of a special someone(s), pet(s), etc.) for a lifetime
  • Special requests accommodated --
    i.e. mismatch multiple photos to create one painting

    + =
  • Fast service:
    2-4 weeks for most portrait orders
  • Excellent artistic painting quality: check for yourself
  • Affordable portrait prices: check for yourself As low as $120
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Gift Certificates are available.

find out more...

Click here for portrait rates and details. Order your portrait today! Remember, Gift Certificates are available and make the perfect gift for those "hard to shop for" people in our lives.

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Read what customers are saying about Jack's portraits... (click here)


So explore the site. Here all your questions should be answered about Jack's skills, prices, and procedures. Go to the "FAQ" page or contact Jack directly if there is a question left unanswered. Feel free to also learn more about the artist. His philosophy is that painting a portrait is a very personal experience, so he welcomes the opportunity of getting to know one another while he crafts your special commission.

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This is a portrait painting service site where you will locate information on pet portraits, (eg. cat portraits or portraits of dogs), christmas paintings, children portraits, sketches, a pet portrait, cheap prices and rates and FREE, I say again, free estimates, portraits of cats, and view high quality examples and samples of all of these in the artist's portfolio. Like other paintings from portrait artists, you could give these works as birthday presents, Christmas or wedding gifts. This free hand artist paints most works in water color in his own personal artist studio. Commission an affordable, inexpensive artwork of your first, silver or golden anniversary or anniversaries, family portrait or family portraits, dog portraits, (or other special occasions or events). This painter captures the likeness of your young child or children, baby or babies, kids, friends, pets (horses, hamsters, cats and dogs), spouse (husband or wife), relative (uncle, aunt, father, mother, brothers and sisters, sons or daughters, cousins, or any other living or deceased family member), and sometimes nude or naked women in a fabulous portait based on photographs, photos, or other high quality visual. This portraitist can even create a lifelike art representation of your new home or house done in the vibrancy of watercolor, or "watercolour" for those of you who use the British spelling/grammar. This fine artist can even do black and white PORTRAIT drawings in the mediums of pencil, graphite, charcoal, even water-color, but not in pastel or oil paint.

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